About us

Our Company

Midwest Spice Company is a family created and operated business based out of Hartford, WI.  It began in early 2016 with the development of our Craft Spice Blends line of products.  

Our Blends

Grown out of a love for Craft Beer, Craft Spice Blends now extend to a product line of 10 unique blends and counting.  This line is inspired by the crafty and creative nature of the true craft brewer.  Today all across the country thousands of breweries are putting a creative spin on recipes, trying new ingredients, and developing new brews their followers will soon enjoy.  We were inspired to bring this same creative spirit to your plates with the development of our spice blends.  Each and every spice, herb, or salt we use has its own story and they originate from regions all across the globe.  They undergo processes that have been passed down for generations, some smoked, some roasted, others dried.  We strive to assemble these ingredients into blends that are rich with history and loaded with amazing flavor.  Grab a jar and enjoy with friends, family, and maybe even along with a good cold brew!

What's Next

True to the craft nature we are based on we will continue to bring new products to market.  Keep an eye out for what's around the corner...we think you will like it.

Cheers and enjoy!


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at:  

Email:  contact@craftspiceblends.com

Phone:  1-866-720-8160